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Vacuum Dewatering Pump

It is a device by which we can suck out the extra amount of water from concrete.

Price ₹83000

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Concrete Groove Cutting Machine

A device which is used to cut the concrete by which we can reduce the cracks developed in the concrete.

Price ₹76000

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Double Beam Surface Vibrator

Double Beam Surface vibrator is a product by which we can vibrate concrete horizontally.

Price ₹35000

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Bull Floater

It is a manual device used after concretization to make the surface plain.

Price ₹14000

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Concrete Power Trowel

It is a electrically driven trowel. Which is used to make the concrete plain and smooth.

Price ₹67000

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Earth Compactor

We sell Earth Compactor in all over Northeast India.

Price ₹76000

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Texture Brush

This brush is used to make texture upon concrete to make the concrete surface non skiddy.

Price ₹11000

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Floater disc

Floater disk is used in concrete power trowel. Material used in this disk is Steel and comes in silver color.

Price ₹3800

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Floater Blade

We sell Floater Blade in all over North-East India.

Price ₹3000

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Plate Vibrator

We sell Plate Vibrator in all over North-East India.

Price ₹45000

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Concrete Vibrator Paver

We sell Concrete Vibrator Paver in all over North-East India.

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